Smart Contract QA, Automated.

Compatible with Solidity and Haskell
Coming soon to other platforms

How we find vulnerabilities

We run SecureContract AI through an oracle that identifies a vulnerability by using our localization algorithm. It analyzes execution traces of the program running on the specific test cases in the test suite.

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How we generate test suites

We generate a search Space of successfully validate patches found by the defect localiation algorithm and patched by SecureContract AI.

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How the workflow runs

We use transforms that contains abstract syntax trees. One if these AST’s matches code in the original code. The other AST exemplifies the replacement source for the generated solution. We are able to abstract away application specific details to capture common patch patterns drawn from our open source training sets with this method.

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How we patch

The developer will look through a test suite our search-space outputs with reactions of how those outputs work with their code. Once clicked on a test case, our AI will proceed to automatically modify.

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SecureContract AI integrates efficiently with your environment

Sublime Text
Remix IDE

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